Monday, 17 November 2014


This quilt started its life over a year ago . . . I know it might seam that I am super slack but it has been made and changed and made again in that time!

It was originally a commission by a client who had a new grandson on the way so it was designed especially for her - (because she's special, of course!). It then got made by the special clients special friend (she, of course, is special too!)

It then became a race to see who finished theirs first . . . I quite clearly I wasn't in the running!

I cant quite remember who did finish theirs first, i'm sure it was a tie but they were both very gorgeous & incredibly special, of course!

I made my version, then I changed it & this finally is the result . . . which I am very happy with! It is a good cot size but would also make a fabulous wall hanging in any little boys bedroom. I do have a few other bits planned to go with it but, surprise surprise, they are taking their time!

I am totally in love with the quilting done by Julia Punlar of Beachside Quilting. She custom quilted it for me & considering I was being super fussy & wanting random wave patterns in the ocean & bubbles in the deep sea I think she did an amazing job.

The pattern is all nicely laid out for the Brother Scan N Cut machine but if you don't have one of those it is all equally laid out nicely for the traditional applique method.

The pattern is being launched at the trade fair this weekend by Creative Abundance (wholesale sales) so hopefully it will be in all fabulous quilt shops very soon. If you don't want a shiny paper copy then the download version can be found in my Etsy shop.

Happy stitching!

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