Thursday, 4 June 2015


Every now and then you realise that some things need to be left to the professionals and all your attempts to be brilliant are futile! . . . enter please the professional photographer . . . phew!

Last friday furniture was shifted, carpets lifted and our main living space was turned into a make shift studio to get those illusive fab photos that pick out all the detail in your quilts. 

Anyhoo . . . thought you might like a peek into what went on and I even managed to get a few photos of my everyday quilts x

We used the door off our back shed as a back drop to the quilts - thankfully Steve didn't bat an eye lid when I asked him if he could it remove the door off the shed and bring it inside . . . (and for those of you that know us - no the door is not still in the dining room and yes Steve has put it back on the shed thank you very much!)

Cushion shots needed a little propping up from behind - it was of course Mr Potato Head parading as spiderman that made it perfect!!

I made this earlier this year for a girl friend & I love it - green is my favourite colour! Good job I like her as it was very hard to part with!

Made this years ago, still one of my favourites as it makes me happy . . . just love all those luminous colours. It lives every day on the back of my couch.

I have made two of these this year and have loved the challenge of washing the colours from corner to corner. I am not very good with anything that is repetitive, which of course this is, so the detail in getting the wash correct saved me from the monotony!

I made this for my husband a few years ago while on retreat. The coloured triangles are all Liberty fabrics and the grey is a Kaffe Fasset shot cotton. It was an interesting journey where I learnt about the perils of working with both types of fabrics. I also made the HST triangles using the large square method (two large squares RST, sew around the edges & then cut on the diagonal to yield four HST) . . . not the best method when using the shot cotton as it then puts the bias on the edges of the HST! . . . like I said, it was a learning journey!

. . . it was a long day but this is one of my favourite shots of the day - quirky!

x x Claire

many thanks to the brilliance of Bill Shaylor Photography . . . as usual x x x 

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