Sunday, 19 February 2017

First Quilt ever made!

I am on a quick trip back to the UK to catch up with my family when yesterday my sister-in-law kindly uncovered the first quilt I ever made. I was grateful she still had it and hadn't chucked it away (although she was a bit vague about its where about when I asked if she still had it!!)

. . . anyway, she did still have it and I'm pretty convinced I have learnt A LOT since I made it 16 years ago!

I made it for my niece Tilly . . . seen below with her favourite Aussie auntie! ;-)
I took a traditional applique pattern and change pretty much all the blocks. I am fairly convinced had I not come across fabric by the truly amazing Jan Mullens I would never had bothered.

It hasn't quite stood the test of time and the corners of the binding are decidedly dodgy but hey, I was a beginner!

Anyway - a big shout out to my brother Matt and my best friend and super sister-in-law Amy, thanks for having Tilly as she has unintentionally led me to where I am today!

x x Claire

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