Monday, 13 October 2014


This week sees me taking my pattern business a step further. I have recently joined the team at Creative Abundance, a company who promote & wholesale patterns from leading Australian designers . . . exciting stuff eh!

So it seemed like a fab time to rework my favourite designs, tweak the bits that annoyed me & more importantly prepare the patterns so that they are compatible with a Brother Scan n Cut machine. If you haven't come across one of these nifty little gadgets, they are a bit like a Cri-Cut machine (ones that cut paper but the Brother amazingly cuts fabric!). 

Now you might think that it is cheating, some say it takes half the fun out well I say rubbish . . . the fun part for me is the designing & I still do that the same, the second fun part is playing with colour - still the same, & the third fun part is the stitching - still the same. For me the only part that sucks is the tracing & cutting out & now I have a handy little helper to do that for me! And if you have rubbish hands like me or the shakes from a bad night out then the Scan & Cut has got that covered!

Anyhoo . . . here are a few of my reworked favourites that will (hopefully) be coming to a store near you soon

Big Pip cushion from Pip and Ellie pattern
Lots of little Pip's from Pip and Ellie pattern

NEW Poppies van cushion
Old friend, new colours . . . Slinky and the bird pattern
still need to finish this one! . . . Family of Owls cushion
All my quilt patterns will be available through Creative Abundance too & they are also sorted for the Scan and Cut . . . there are a few new ones . . . very nearly almost done!

Happy stitching
x Claire