Monday, 10 October 2016

Goldilocks - Homespun Magazine Oct 2016

A long long long time ago I was asked by Homespun magazine if I had anything I could contribute for this years children edition. Now, I always have a stack of designs waiting in the wings as I am much better at getting ideas on paper then I am at getting them made!

Goldilocks has been sitting on my computer for a year or so just waiting for the right time to surface and as my brief was to do something with not a lot of appliqué in nice soft colours it seemed as though it was her time to wake up and go exploring!!

Its not like me to do something with such gentle colours but Amy Sinibaldi's Paperie fabric was just the perfect find for it. I added in some soft linens and a few touches of bright orange here and there. My Bloc-loc came in handy for the trees and I quilted around them to make them puff up! I also quilted in the shapes of the porridge bowl, chair and bed - evidence of Goldilocks crimes!

The pattern is available in the October 2016 edition of Australian homespun. If you get around to make one for yourself I would love to see a picture.

Happy stitching!

x Claire