Monday, 11 May 2015


I would desperately like a cool vintage caravan to do up and fill with crocheted and quilted loveliness & adorn it with metres of bunting. I waste endless hours on Pinterest trying to live my dream through other peoples awesomeness . . . but alas it seems that still having three kids at school any spare funds are sucked up by them on their exotic trips skiing, and exploring the world, which of course is totally amazing . . . (if you are them of course)

Anyhoo . . . 

I have put my dreams of inspiring vintage vans into a new quilt design called Vantastic! . . . 7 fancy vans appliqued amongst a few Priory Square fabric tents. It has turned out way more red then initially thought but I think it has come together with a cool retro vibe.

Van detail which someone so thoughtfully pointed out looks like eyes & pointy teeth!

Back end of a van with suitcase packed

News print trees appliqued behind the van to add depth & contrast

Tents & border detail. All the quilting was stitch in the ditch, all the vans were shadow quilted & lines detailing was added to the border. The quilting was done by the extraordinary quilter Julia Punler of Beachside Quilting in Perth - I love that she is always up for a challenge!

My favourite van & I just love the budgie fabric!

If you are keen to give this pattern ago the PDf is available in my Etsy shop or you can by a fab shiny proper copy from all good patchwork shops.

x x happy stitching

All my patterns are written with clear and precise instructions and the pattern templates are laid out so that they can be scanned into a brother scan and cut machine . . . which makes everything awesome!