Tuesday, 15 September 2015


A while ago I received a bundle of very good stuff from Ella Blue Fabrics by the glorious ms Jodie Carleton at RicRac. I always have a backlog of ideas stored away in the depths of my noodle and it just so happened I had the sprinkling of idea that exploded when I got my hands on some of her new fabric range Backyard Circus.

. . . quite yummy isn't it!

Well, after what seems like an age my quilt is at last finished! A happy parade of circus animals sandwiched between an lot of log cabin blocks!

The charge is of course led by the elephant who only emits sounds of love . . . and he is closely followed by a bemused lion and a pair of very clever circus poodles.

. . . closely followed by the dancing bear and the circus pony!

. . . lots of fab log cabins using all the colours from the fabric range & featuring the Pom pom dots on the outer borders

I experimented with adding some little rows of folded bunting across the applique block - it looks very sweet and adds a nice level of dimension . . . it wasn't the easiest thing to sew I must say, but the end result looks great . . . you could always applique it down if you don't want to be fiddling around with tiny bits of bias tape!

Animal circus will be available as a pattern at the end of September and as always it is compatible with a Brother Scan and Cut machine

Patterns are sold wholesale by Creative Abundance worldwide and will hopefully be stocked in lots of fancy shops.

the fabrics used are Backyard Circus by Jodie Carleton and Ella basics, all by by Ella Blue Fabrics 

happy stitching x x