Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sweet Mariposa

A fresh new pattern for spring. My hubby and I have spent a rigorous few weekends in the garden making it a restful place to be in the on coming summer months rather then the bomb site it usually is. For those that know me you'll all know that this is HUGE for us as our back yard is usually a total junk yard and there is usually an array of rusty tools, kitchen sinks (just don't ask!!) & quite honestly junk spread everywhere! but no more . . . . it is now clean and tidy, weeded, The chooks have a nice new home & I have some nice cosy corners to sit in and escape the noise of the family.

. . . and now i have some gorgeous new cushions for all those cosy corners!

Reverse applique butterflies. The shapes were cut away from the centre of each fabric block

Applique butterflies that I laid down to make a heart shape . . . 

my fabric inspiration came from Rosalie Dekkers Flower Child range of fabrics available from 

The pattern is available wholesale through Creative Abundance. it is also available at many patchwork stores as well as my Etsy store HERE

Happy Stitching

x Claire