Saturday, 19 May 2018


Can I just say I am really really happy with how this quilt turned out. I was faced with the task of introducing a brand new print to my Pondlife fabric collection and designing a quilt that would use an entire fat quarter bundle. It took a few weeks of planning and tweaking but I managed it. This quilt can be put together using all but three fabrics of the entire Pondlife collection plus 1/2m of the new print & 2m of plain white. . . I even designed a fancy template to help the process run smoothly.

The design is basically four identical quarters made up of nine blocks. It's a great project for making the brain work a bit harder to make sure the right fabric goes in the right spot!

. . . and if you turn the four quarters 90 degrees the colours in the quilt layout gives it a totally different look!

It was also a great lesson in the benefits of a scant quarter inch seam. I hadn't ever seen just what a difference it can make to a block but for this project it was the difference of it being smooth sailing and a disaster!

 Pondlife fabrics include my Pondlife flowers print are all available whole sale through

Kits and patterns are available wholesale through CreativeAbundance

Happy stitching
Claire x 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Woofers cushion set - Pre-cut fabric kit

You may remember I did a set of cat pillows a while back but seeing as I am not a cat person it seemed only fitting that I added a set of dog cushions too. I did actually do this pattern a while ago but was never really happy with it until I re-did the entire set in Frolic fabric from Melly and Me. I love it so much it has been added to the Creative Abundance Quick Cut Fabric Kit range which is just the best news.

If you have missed my last post and don't know what a Quick Cut Fabric Kit is then get on board as they are truely fab!
. . . no tracing . . . no cutting . . . no spending hours trying to choose the right fabric - it has all done for you and all the applique shapes are ready to be ironed in place and for you to get on with the fun part - the stitching!

The pattern is of course still available as a regular pattern if thats your thing but if you are after something fun and quick then the pre-cuts are the way to go.

There are patterns for three different cushions. The single dog cushion is of course a portrait of my dog Kip - he is of course the centre of our household universe as you can clearly see!
The four dog cushion features all Kips local canine friends and the smaller cushion just says 'woof' in support of Kips annoying habit of barking at everything that moves!

If you are keen to get your hands on a kit then they will be available from June and I will add a stockist list to this post. In the meantime the pattern is available in lots of great patchwork stores & in my Etsy shop here.

Happy Stitching
x Claire

Woofers pattern sold wholesale through Creative Abundance
Frolic fabric by Melly and Me and distributed through Ella Blue fabrics

Thursday, 10 May 2018


So there has been a tonne of stuff happening and I am about to launch at this years Spring Market in Portland, some totes fun pre-cut fabric kits! I have three cushion kits to start off with, two new designs and one favourite that I have reworked in some of Melly and Me's Frolic fabric.

If you haven't ever heard of a pre-cut kit then you are in for a treat! All that fiddly, laborious tracing & cutting out has all been done for you! All the small tricky bits pre-cut . . . all those curves have been pre-cut really nice and smooth . . . all the fabric choices I have made for you so once the project has been done it will look just like mine - winner!. 

Now I know that for some people it won't be your cup of tea but for all the procrastinators, the colour choice doubters, the 'I don't do appliquérs' & everyone whose hands refuse to do what they used to do then these kits are a totally winner.

The kits come, (along with the pattern so you can make it again the traditional way if you wanted to), with all the fabric that has the fusible web already adhered to the back. . . 

All you have to do it snip the pieces from the sheet, peel off the backing paper & iron them in place.

 Imagine cutting out those legs yourself!!!

These pre-cut kits make for a quick project leaving you more time to perfect all the stitching and details. There are more in the range that I will introduce over the next few days. Hopefully they will start to pop up in shops from the beginning of June & hopefully I can add a stockist list to this post once I know where they are going to be.

Looking forward to sharing more with you.

Happy stitching


kits are distributed through Creative Abundance.
Background fabric is Emma Jean Jansens Classics. Bugs have all been cut from Jodie Carletons Bug City Fabric both available from Ella Blue Fabrics