Thursday, 10 May 2018


So there has been a tonne of stuff happening and I am about to launch at this years Spring Market in Portland, some totes fun pre-cut fabric kits! I have three cushion kits to start off with, two new designs and one favourite that I have reworked in some of Melly and Me's Frolic fabric.

If you haven't ever heard of a pre-cut kit then you are in for a treat! All that fiddly, laborious tracing & cutting out has all been done for you! All the small tricky bits pre-cut . . . all those curves have been pre-cut really nice and smooth . . . all the fabric choices I have made for you so once the project has been done it will look just like mine - winner!. 

Now I know that for some people it won't be your cup of tea but for all the procrastinators, the colour choice doubters, the 'I don't do appliquérs' & everyone whose hands refuse to do what they used to do then these kits are a totally winner.

The kits come, (along with the pattern so you can make it again the traditional way if you wanted to), with all the fabric that has the fusible web already adhered to the back. . . 

All you have to do it snip the pieces from the sheet, peel off the backing paper & iron them in place.

 Imagine cutting out those legs yourself!!!

These pre-cut kits make for a quick project leaving you more time to perfect all the stitching and details. There are more in the range that I will introduce over the next few days. Hopefully they will start to pop up in shops from the beginning of June & hopefully I can add a stockist list to this post once I know where they are going to be.

Looking forward to sharing more with you.

Happy stitching


kits are distributed through Creative Abundance.
Background fabric is Emma Jean Jansens Classics. Bugs have all been cut from Jodie Carletons Bug City Fabric both available from Ella Blue Fabrics

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