Wednesday, 11 May 2016


good intentions and all that . . . .

dreadfully lacking in Market updates on this blog but its not because I have been idle - absolutely not, nor is it because the wheels very nearly fell off, which they did!

but . . . 

I have five new quilts made . . . and seven new cushions . . . fancy new cards are at the printers & even fancier bunting for the booth is just about finished.

There has been a LOT of late nights, a lot of egg on toast for tea, a lot of threads on the floor, a bit of unpicking, a bit of replanning, a few surpises (like my passport expired!), lots of encouragement from my fabulous family & despite the crazy state of exhaustion I'm in, I have actually enjoyed the journey and am really pleased with the results - fingers crossed everyone at Market likes my efforts too!

Anyhooo . . .  I am going to showcase all the new designs in the next week on my Facebook and Instagram pages . . . probably won't blog about them until after market when I am back to being a real living human person again!

wish me luck x x