Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pinpal's,Mystery projects and Retreat for 2017

It has recently been retreat time in my world. Twice a year I run a sewing retreat with my sewing pal Jemima of Tied with a ribbon fame. It is always a fab and creative weekend sandwiched between lots of late nights! There are always new faces to get to know but always some regular faces who I have really come to look forward spending time with. A shared passion always warms the soul!

anyhow . . .

. . . at retreat Friday night is Mystery Project night!

Its a non compulsory event that has become secretly very competitive to be the first one to the finishing line! Over the past nine retreats we have come up with some cool projects and some, not so cool but there have been a few winners. My challenge is always to come up with something that can be made in an hour or so, that we can kit up easily and everyone can follow the instructions even if a few glasses of wine have been consumed! . . . 

. . . this retreat Jemima put together a cute fold over clutch bag. This is my version using a selection of totally gorgeous liberty fabrics from the Strawberry Thief. These would make great Christmas pressies. Nobody struggled with it as a project thankfully, and no one broke a needle trying to navigate the metal zips! (Jemima has a tutorial on her blog here)

a few retreats back we all made this little gem - a pouch for your embroidery scissors.

and this is actually a gem . . . a Tiffany diamond coaster!

A few retreats ago I put together a pin cushion with an attached thread catcher - I think I was trying to 'work tidy' myself at that point and thought I'd spread the love. I'm pretty sure it was Jemima's idea as she is the master at 'work tidy' and I am shamefully lacking in that talent! It was one of the cooler projects we put together with everyone making their own amazing version.

anyhow . . .

. . . at the last retreat we launched the pin thingy as a Sew-Along pattern out into the world and we had a little competition to name it. 

. . . and the winner is - 'PinPal'!

Our Pinpal Sew-Along pattern is totally cute, totally easy to make & totally available in all good patchwork stores and my Etsy shop as a PDF download. 

(how cute does this one look in Tula Pink fabrics sitting next to Jemima's Tula Pink sewing machine!) 

If you would like to come and see what Mystery project we are doing in 2017 then bookings are opening for our September retreat next week on Monday October 3rd (my birthday!!) We are only doing one retreat next year as we have a few other exciting things happening. If you are keen to come along check out the details on our Sew-Along blog and on my retreat page here. Bookings are made with Jemima at

Happy stitching

x Claire