Saturday, 19 May 2018


Can I just say I am really really happy with how this quilt turned out. I was faced with the task of introducing a brand new print to my Pondlife fabric collection and designing a quilt that would use an entire fat quarter bundle. It took a few weeks of planning and tweaking but I managed it. This quilt can be put together using all but three fabrics of the entire Pondlife collection plus 1/2m of the new print & 2m of plain white. . . I even designed a fancy template to help the process run smoothly.

The design is basically four identical quarters made up of nine blocks. It's a great project for making the brain work a bit harder to make sure the right fabric goes in the right spot!

. . . and if you turn the four quarters 90 degrees the colours in the quilt layout gives it a totally different look!

It was also a great lesson in the benefits of a scant quarter inch seam. I hadn't ever seen just what a difference it can make to a block but for this project it was the difference of it being smooth sailing and a disaster!

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Happy stitching
Claire x 

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