Monday, 11 April 2016

Spring Market - 5 weeks to go

So I am one week in and all going pretty well. Things are getting ticked of the list, the sewing machine has been humming along nicely, my back is being looked after by a team of very handy professionals, all is well with daughter number 1 in France (in fact, so well I don't think she is missing me at all which is a tiny bit upsetting!!) I have fabric arriving every day & team of enthusiastic sewing helpers all lined up and raring to go.

I had a plan of what I was going to take to Market. I have been sitting on a pile of new designs for a while and have been waiting for just the right fabric to come along and inspire me to take the designs from paper to actually being something real and then this happened . . .

Liberty fabrics new Garden of Dreams print fell into my lap!

Sometimes something sparks an idea and you just have to run with it. I raided my Liberty stash and found a 'few' prints that worked well with it & an idea was born! . . . Hens!

I worked on a couple of cushion ideas, then it turned into a mini quilt and then morphed into a huge quilt. I currently have 26 stitched hens up on my design wall with a few more details to be added before you get to see it. I love it. . . it makes me smile!

Here's a sneak peak . . .

There is of course a very magnificent rooster which daughter number 3 helped with - you know, the kind of help that is not very helpful!!!

Things are also getting a bit posh - fancy new labels arrived!

There has also been a bit of planning and sewing for Sew-Along, the collaborative venture I do with Jemima of Tied with a Ribbon. New designs for christmas working with Leciens really lovely Sugar Flower Holday as well as some revamping of some existing patterns ready for market.

A little bit more Liberty fabric crept into my stash! Then there is a whole load of other stuff but its top secret & I cant share . . . yet!

. . . off to fill in the forms for my visa.

Au revoir for now

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  1. cant wait to see the rest of the hens - i loved those i saw on FB yaterday and her today