Monday, 11 July 2016

Salt Lake City

I never got around to post about my trip to Quilt Market . . . came home and just about collapsed for five weeks and reacquainted myself with my family.

The Trip was AWESOME!

Salt Lake City was surprising. . . genuinely a fabulous place to visit, Quilt Market was surprising . . . I though the show was going to be much bigger, but grateful that it wasn't. I got to meet some really gorgeous people, got to hear some wisdom from some very clever designers at School House, got to meet some lovely people that actually like my stuff and buy it for their shops (thank you). I managed to pick up some cool fabric bargains from Sample Spree & of course I had a blast with the all talented team in the Creative Abundance group.

This was me!
View inside the booth with some new designs. I redid my Birdsong Quilt in fabulous bright fabrics from Emma Jean Jansens new range 'Matilda' - fabric is about to hit stores very soon!
I also had a a mad moment and made a whale and shark cushion - pattern is called 'Whaleshark'

The quilt that was a bit of a favourite was 'Hen House'. Unfortunately a fox got into the hen house so not sure how well those hens are going to do!! I also made two cushion to go with it called 'Chooks' and a pair of foxes.

I made sure they knew why I had come from ;-)

'Catface' lap quilt using Karen Lewis Textiles fabric + 'Fantastic'

My 'Count on Me' quilt got to hang out with Jodie Carleton over on her booth at Ella Blue Fabrics. It was made with her new fabric range Bunny trails.

Just some stuff from around the show . . . there were some amazing things to see x

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing your photos from Salt Lake, what an amazing adventure! Thanks for your blog, really enjoy dropping in from time to time 😊