Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Weekend Quilting Showcase

I have this friend called Jemima . . . you may well know her as she has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the quilting world. I met jemima 10 years ago when she walked into my shop with her mum and signed up to do a class (although she knew what she was doing and didn't really need a class) She nows runs a very successful pattern label & blog called Tied with a Ribbon and is now the author of her first quilting book Weekend Quilting . . . see, you do know her!

If you are new to quilting then this book is absolutely perfect. It covers all the basic techniques with good clear instructions and beautiful hand drawn diagrams. It is broken up into chapters detailing the most traditional block designs to get you started as well as covering, appliqué, English Paper piecing and foundation piecing. Even if you have been sewing for a while there are some fun designs that you can easily put together in a weekend . . . just like the book says!

I promised Jemima that if she should do a book blog hop then I would put something together . . . at that stage I didn't know I was going to need back surgery . . . 

However, a promise is a promise so with a little bit of help from a friend I picked a project and with me cutting, trimming and being the boss and my friend (Jemimas mum!!) a slave to the machine we put the quilt together.

So heres the thing with pretty pictures in books and being a little bit out of it cos the doctors still has you on a small cocktail of drugs . . . I either didn't read how big the project was that I picked or just didn't absorb it - I picked the really lovely Hearts on Fire quilt cos, you know, I though it was just a small mini quilt!! Um, no - its a really good lap quilt size and actually really so much much bigger then I was expecting!!

Anyway . . . It all came out really nicely and it only took two afternoons to put together . . . just like the book says! I haven't quilted it but I am hoping that as I am only 3 weeks post surgery you will all forgive me for that!

Rather then place the colours randomly I chose to run the colours in stripes as I love how they really make the heart shape sing right into the centre of the quilt.

( the photo is awful . . . it so needs quilting!!)

Jemima recommends in her book investing in some Bloc Loc rulers - I can back her up here as they are a game changer. If you struggle to get all your seams meeting perfectly, or even getting the blocks cut square with the seams coming right into the corners then this is the tool that you need . . . 

If you look closely there is a groove cut into the back of the ruler that sits neatly over the seam - genius!

 . . . a work in progress - laying the pattern to form colour stripes around the heart shape took lots of concentrating so Jemima's suggestion of placing the colours randomly is perhaps better for your brain!

I'm rather pleased with the finished quilt. I used the green and orange colour way from my PondLife fabric collection, although I think now (I'm blaming the drugs) that perhaps I should have used the orange and pink colour ways so it would look less like Victoria Beckham's carrot outfit (google it- its hilarious!!) 

Now seems a good time to say a few things about Miss Jemima . . . Jemima & I have had a working relationship for quite a few years now. We have run classes and retreats together and have been travelling buddies to quilt shows in Melbourne, America and New Zealand. It would be fair to say Jemima and I are are the ying and yang of the quilting world - complete and total opposites! She is neat, organised, a planner, a list maker, dedicated, competitive & has a dogged determinism . . . me on the other hand are none of those things - I must drive her bonkers but somehow we have just worked really well together and complimented each others teaching skills. I have watched Jemima over the past few years chase her dream of bringing this book together and I know exactly how hard she has worked. She has literally poured her heart and soul into the pages to make sure sure it is the very best version of herself and she has certainly produced a book she should be very proud of.

Thanks Jemima for letting me have a play with your book - you know how much I hate the monotony of sewing and trimming a gazillion HST but actually it wasn't that bad & I really love the design. You are a rockstar lady!

If you would like to see what everyone else has been up to with Jemima's Weekend Quilting book be sure to go check out all these other clever ladies.

Happy stitching x x 


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