Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Pondlife heads to Houston

It has been back to normal in the studio lately which is a relief. When I say normal, what I actually mean is that there is lots to do but it all gets done at the last minute as that just the way I roll!

My Pondlife fabric is making an appearance at the International Quilt Market in Houston next week so I have had the chance to make a few more bits for the booth that I didn't get to do last time due my severely stuffed back. I made a new pieced quilt using a fancy new template that I have had made (more to come on that in november) which show cases all of the 24 prints in the range.

This was surprisingly quick to put together but I arranged the layout of the fabrics in a particular order so it did take some concentration to avoid using the unpicked to much! 

The quilting was just perfect for it! I fortunately have a super lovely quilter that can always recommend just what the quilt needs. I didn't want the quilting to overtake from the fabrics, it needed to just melt into the background which I think the subtle and gentle wave pattern does beautifully.

I'll be posting all the details of the pattern next month.

happy stitching

x Claire

Quilting done by Julia Punlar at Beachside Quilting in Perth

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